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black long sleeve crop purple rain tee
long sleeve purple rain graphic t shirt

Prince Purple Rain Long Sleeve Crop


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Let’s go crazy. With an unprecedented mix of bravado, talent, and ambition, “The Purple One” unleashed a cultural force that is still felt today. But over thirty years ago in 1984, Prince pulled off a first — he simultaneously had the number one single, number one album, and number one movie in the country. An undeniable genius of his time, Purple Rain was the vehicle that translated that out to the world, in a pretty major way. And just like it was difficult to ever say no to Prince and his massive ideas, this long sleeve that features the legendary album cover and icon front and center feels the exact same. It’s a timeless, triple-threat triumph piece that instantly gives whatever else you’re wearing the Prince zhoosh effect. A seamless pick for fashion and music lovers alike, so better start claiming dibs on yours now. 


  • Machine Wash Cold
  • 100% Cotton
  • US Made


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