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daydreamer pink floyd New York oversized long sleeve
Pink Floyd long sleeve t shirt
pink long sleeve Pink Floyd t shirt
New York tour pink floyd tee
Pink Floyd long sleeve band tee

Pink Floyd New York Oversized Long Sleeve


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When it comes to Pink Floyd, more is more. The group’s North American tour in the spring of 1970 made a stop at the Pritchard Gymnasium on the campus of SUNY in Stony Brook. Before ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Wall’, the show represented a broke band right on the cusp of (legendary) greatness. For obsessive collectors, this oversized long sleeve is a rare trophy among countless of more famous Floyd performances. Utilizing the original artwork from the show’s flyer, it’s a double-sided pink gem that leans into nostalgia and a piece of the come up history.


  • Machine Was Cold
  • 100% Cotton
  • US Made


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