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Elton John yellow brick road boyfriend tee
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daydreamer Elton John yellow brick road boyfriend tee
elton John yellow brick road tee
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elton john tee
yellow brick road tee
elton john shirt
goodbye yellow brick road shirt
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Elton John Yellow Brick Road Boyfriend Tee


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Even though Elton John has had countless legendary moments throughout his career, from collecting Oscars to performing for all of Central Park in a Donald Duck outfit, nothing captures his gifts and talent better than Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. A double album that includes the staples of classic rock playlists, John and his band slip in and out of genres and offer a mix of completely unique sonic experiences. Flamboyant, fun, heartfelt, and clever, the album is a cohesive presentation of Elton John’s finest moments. This highly versatile piece not only remembers some of John’s iconic contributions, but is also a worthy addition to your growing collection of forever favorites. Given it’s easy-to-style nature, we know it’ll be your next hit that you’ll routinely turn to. 


  • Machine Wash Cold
  • 100% Cotton
  • US Made
  • Loose Fit


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