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Elton John 1977 Tee


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Rising to fame in the 70s as a prodigy on the piano with a distinctive voice and signature fashion statement, Elton John was the most glamourous of his time. Acclaimed for his lasting impact on the music industry, Elton John rocked stages with stylistic showmanship. Placing a spotlight on his 1977 tour is this era inspired merch tee designed with scanned portraits of the icon mid performance on the keys. A graphic perfectly distressed to reserve the authentic reputation of Elton himself and accented with all the things that make the legend, legendary.


  • Hand Wash
  • Made from a 100% cotton fabric, feels like a luxury tour shirt with the perfect drape
  • Made in LA

Fit Guide:

  • A blend of our Weekend Tee and OS Tee, this roomy fit t-shirt is like that perfect vintage find, featuring an open neckline and ladder stitch hems
  • Size small measures chest width: 23 1/4", length: 27"


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