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daydreamer David bowie 1973 weekend tee
David bowie band tee
David bowie t shirt

David Bowie 1973 Weekend Tee


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The legendary shape-shifter. David Bowie was known for displaying a fearless dedication to innovation, constantly changing musical direction and transforming the very possibilities of pop music. His various identities were defined as much by their avant-garde looks as by their sounds. By 1973, Bowie had five albums in the British top 40, three of which were in the top 15. This same year he abruptly killed off Ziggy Stardust, which established his iconic pattern for staying in perpetual motion. This double-sided weekend tee remembers the year when Bowie famously closed the first phase of his career. A brightly touched, vintage white classic that reflects his legendary allure, extravagance, and elegance.


  • Machine Wash Cold
  • 100% Cotton
  • US Made


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